the wedding list

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for visiting our wedding list page.  

People have been asking us what we would like for a wedding gift, which is just so lovely.  2 and a half years ago, our 2 households became one and we have more household items than we need, but what we really love is traveling with our Airstream trailer.

If you would like to give an amount of your choice towards our Honeymoon trip there are some buttons below to click on.

The Honeymoon Itinerary

From the 20th of August to the 7th of September our plan is to take Route 66 to California.  We haven't explored the section of the "Motherroad " any further west from Flagstaff, AZ and there are plenty of retro and kitschy roadside attractions to be visited.

Then we are very much looking forward to spending a nice chunk of time driving up the coast road, camping as close to the beach as possible and watching the sun set over the ocean.  We will drive as far north as the Avenue of the Giants and spend a few days camping and hiking among the redwoods.

We'll start the journey home by visiting Reno and driving "the loneliest road", the 50, across Nevada.  We have left the last part of the trip totally open to detour around National parks in Utah if we have time or just take the fastest route home if needs be.

Our typical expenses on the road are staying in State Parks and RV parks, visiting museums, eating out, tanks of gas and grocery shopping.  Do feel free to suggest how you would like us to spend your contribution, for example - a beach front campsite or a romantic dinner out.  Click on the buttons below.  

Thank you!