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Deep shadows in the gorge

9 x 12" oil on canvas

I love to hike this trail that goes into the Rio Grande Gorge, especially at sunset on a Summer evening.

rabbit hunt

9 x 12" oil on canvas 

An annual Taos Pueblo event that happens in June.

the tunnels of red canyon

12 x 12" oil on linen panel.

I had seen photos of these arches cut out of the rock in photos but was unclear as to where exactly they were.  Ray and I were driving from Capitol Reef NP to Bryce NP in Utah and came upon them unexpectedly.  I was so excited to just find them like that!

zorro rides again

20 x 16" oil on canvas panel

A local artist, Ed Sandoval, likes to dress as Zorro and ride around town on Farmers' Market days and in parades.  I was looking for something fun to paint and this one cheered me up.  Still smiling.


This is my first painting of my new to me 1965 Caravel 17' trailer.  We bought her in Oklahoma recently and I'm looking forward to fixing her up a little bit and taking lots of trips in her.  She is so cute!!

8 x 10" oil on canvas panel in a black and gold frame.

a flash of something shiny in the desert

This gorgeous Spartanette trailer is part of a collection of vintage trailers that are available to rent by the night at the Hotel Luna Mystica here in Taos.  The trailers are gorgeous and the 360 degree views are phenomenal.

10 x 30" oil on canvas in a simple black floater frame.

Red Maples in Quebec

12 x 12" oil on stretched canvas in a black floater frame.

Balloon Fiesta Glow

24 x 24" oil on gallery wrap canvas in a black floater frame.

Wow Diner, Grants

12 x 12" oil on canvas panel in a black and gold frame

shiny among the saguaros

12 x 12" oil on canvas panel in a black and gold frame

waiting for gas

36 x 24" oil on gallery wrap canvas in a black floater frame.

Sunset in a time of wildfires

Living in the high desert, there a wildfires most summers.  Some are scarily close and others are close enough that the smoke fills the skies and the sunsets are unusual colors.  This one was a beauty.

9 x 12" oil on canvas panel in a black wood frame with silver accents.

Elizabeth Jose - A British painter in the Southwest - a unique perspective 

The video below is a virtual walk through of a show of my paintings.. 

"Giant Flamingos at White Sands"

36 x 24 x 1.5" oil on gallery wrap canvas in a black floater frame.

White Sands is a magical place where everything looks sharp edged and surreal against the dazzling sand.  Add a New Mexico deep blue sky and it's like stepping into another world.

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"The Road to Monument Valley"

24 x 24" oil on gallery wrap canvas in a black floater frame

Monument Valley is one of my favorite places to visit in an Airstream.  There is something about the iconic skyline combined with the shiny vintage trailer that just goes together in my head.  When you approach the monuments from the north, you see them like this in the distance and it seems to take forever to actually reach them.  They just get bigger and bigger.

"Little Trailer in a Big Landscape"

24 x 24" oil on canvas

Ray and I love finding beautiful, out of the way places to camp and Valley of the Gods, just north of Monument Valley is one of the very best places we have found.  You can camp close to the monuments and the views are truly 360 degrees.  Sunrises and sunsets are epic.

In this painting I wanted the trailer to seem dwarfed by the scenery, almost vulnerable.

"Little Powwow Dancer"

24 x 12" oil on gallery wrap canvas in a gold leaf frame

The Taos Powwow is one of my favorite events of the year.  People travel from all over the Southwest to take part in the dances and play music.  There are also native crafts and delicious food.  I particularly love the outfits, with their incredible attention to detail and the pride they are worn with.

I took photos of this little dancer at the Powwow of 2019 (we didn't have one last year) as the sun was going down on a warm July day.  He was taking part in the big procession at the end of the day, where everyone assembles in the dance area.  He looked perfectly happy to keep on dancing as he was being backlit by the setting sun.  I had to paint him.

This painting is 24 x 12", oil on canvas in a black and gold frame.

"Mesa Sunset"

30 x 30" oil on gallery wrap canvas in a black floater frame

Here in the High Desert of New Mexico, we have the most glorious sunsets.

When I started this painting, I wanted the experience of painting something uplifting and expansive and it was.

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Elizabeth Jose is a British artist living in Taos, New Mexico.  She travels with her vintage Airstream to the big landscapes of the South West and beyond, capturing the gorgeous scenery reflecting on her mirror shined trailer.

At home in Taos, she paints from the model, landscapes, old trucks and still life.


I get such pleasure from beauty that I aim to share that pleasure with others through my paintings.