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The cover of the Saturday Evening Post!

Such an honor to have my painting chosen by the Saturday Evening Post for their Holiday edition.  Over it's nearly 200 year run, the publication has showcased the works of many notable artists such as Andrew Wyeth, Fredric Remington and Norman Rockwell.

The original painting has already been sold, but you can order a custom print on the link below or buy a set of 20 Holiday cards featuring this image from the online store on this website.

6 years ago, Rich Luhr, the editor of Airstream Life Magazine, contacted me to ask if he could use one of my paintings on the cover of the magazine.  I was delighted!

Since then I've had 3 more covers and been artist in residence at their big rally Alumapalooza at the Airstream Factory in Ohio.

A few months ago, Rich contacted me to tell me about their Airstream themed Online art gallery and asked if they could represent my work.  Again, I was delighted!

Rich and his partner Cheryl came to Taos and made the great video posted below.  Enjoy!

I enjoyed the challenge of painting the reflections on the 13 panel front of this gorgeous 1950's vintage Airstream.  It's like painting the facets of a diamond.

10 x 10", oil on canvas panel in a black and gold frame.

Arroyo Seco Live created an online film festival and invited artists from the Taos area to make a studio tour video.  https://www.secolive.org/sanctuary-a-virtual-studio-tour-film-festival

With my husband, Ray, as cameraman, we made this little movie (2 mins and 44 seconds) to show a slice of my life as an artist in my home studio.

portraits for NHS heroes

Here are my last 2 portraits for NHS front line healthcare workers, completed this week.

Karen is a paramedic in South Birmingham who can only see her daughters from a distance to protect them from possible infection.

Doctor Nov is a consultant in care of the elderly on a covid ward in Gloucestershire.  They have lost many patients to the virus.

portraits of NHS front line workers gifts

here are the 4 gift portraits to NHS front line workers that I have already sent out.

The scheme was thought up by a British artist, Tom Croft and if you look up the hashtag #portraitsfornhsheroes on Instagram there are over 5,000 images of paintings and drawings made as gifts for the heroes on the front line of this pandemic.

It really helped give me purpose and meaning during the first weeks of the pandemic when I was sitting at home safely while others were out there, risking their own lives to help others.

The recipients were so happy and grateful that I was doing this for them when really it felt like the least I could do.

  Ask me about my layaway plan.

Elizabeth Jose is a British artist living in Taos, New Mexico.  She travels with her vintage Airstream to the big landscapes of the South West and beyond, capturing the gorgeous scenery reflecting on her mirror shined trailer.

At home in Taos, she paints from the model, landscapes, old trucks and still life.


I get such pleasure from beauty that I aim to share that pleasure with others through my paintings.