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I believe that singing is good for everyone, for both your physical and emotional health.  With nearly 30 years of experience as a  singing teacher, I hope to offer something practical, thought provoking and fun for all my students.  

Here's what some of them had to say...



"I've studied with a good number of voice teachers over a period of 15 years, and was never able to grasp the experience of singing with my natural voice.  By the end of the first lesson with Elizabeth, I thoroughly understood the experience and in a relatively short period of time was using my natural voice to sing.  As a result, I can now enjoy the experience of singing as I never have before, and I am comfortable with the sound I am producing.  Plus, we have alot of fun!!!"

Barbara U. Jones, Ph.D.

"Elizabeth Jose  is an outstanding voice instructor.  She taught me how to find, and sing with my unique and natural voice.
I highly recommend her for any one at any level who is serious about singing.
My vocals have an amazing power that I did not know existed.
Elizabeth brings the best out of you."

Kevin Wood,
Vocalist, Lead Guitar, Malfunkshun

"As a professional actor who sings, I have taken voice lessons on and off for 30 years with a variety of teachers, many of whom have world class reputations, and before I met Elizabeth, I felt I had a pretty good understanding of my strengths and limitations as a singer. Then, in one lesson, Elizabeth took me through a series of breathing techniques and gave me imagery that clarified things that all my other teachers had been working toward, but hadn't been able to fully communicate. I feel like I finally have a clear, understandable path to my natural voice. Thank you Elizabeth, you are fantastic! I am so excited about realizing my newly found potential!"

Danny Kovaks

I have just had a brilliant hour of voice lesson with the WONDERFUL Elizabeth Jose and want to recommend this experience to absolutely everyone — whether you're a professional singer or not — SO joyous and liberating and healthy to OPEN up your singing and speaking voice, I'd had no idea how much more voice I've got than what I've been habitually using and she is a genius at getting that freed up.

Laura Bulkin.

Elizabeth is a highly effective vocal coach and her methods are creative and fun.  She brought out my true voice, taught me how to utilize my entire body for singing, and helped me develop my unique, authentic style.  Truly a fantastic teacher and she has my highest recommendation.  Thank you Elizabeth!


Elizabeth thanks for the wonderful voice lesson the other day, you use technique and intuition combined to invite the real voice in and to unmask constrictions and patterns of masking and holding back our 'true' sound, to reveal the voice we were given in all it's vulnerability and uniqueness!

Tenney Walsh

Voice Maintenance for Professional Singers.

Do you ever have even the slightest sore throat after a performance?  Not only can throat strain reduce your performance ability during heavy performance times, rehearsing or touring, it can cause long term damage, loss of voice and, in extreme cases, result in the need for surgery.

My Voice Maintenance sessions are all about the long term health and vitality of your voice.  Like a yoga session for the voice, you get to thoroughly stretch and relax your voice, experience excellent vocal posture and leave the session totally energized and ready to sing for the rest of the day.  

The warming up techniques I will take you through are so great for preparing you to sing and getting your voice sounding it's absolute best every time, that you'll want to use them before every performance or recording.  

Any post performance soreness will be a thing of the past and you will have practical tools to keep your voice in great shape for the rest of your life.

Personal Growth by Vocal Shift

The voice is so central to our self image - how we sound is who we think we are and who we think we are affects how we sound.  Moments of trauma at pivotal developmental moments can affect the voice profoundly and for the rest of your life.  Shifting the vocal position and experiencing the voice sounding and feeling as free and clear as though the trauma hadn't happened is an amazing way to heal and surprisingly easy (compared to hours of talk therapy and introspection)

Working from the premise that we are born with perfectly healthy voices (think of a baby crying in it's first minutes of life) while re-experiencing the natural, healthy posture of the voice, we tap into early memory and reclaim closed off parts of ourselves.  Hearing our voices sound open, confident, authentic and deeply alive is a very moving as well as healing experience. 

As your voice becomes stronger, more authentic, more comfortable and vibrant, the effect that has on your self-image and general mental health and mood is inestimable.

Vocal Technique - beginners to advanced

Singing lessons for all styles of singing.  Increase your range, warm, deepen and strengthen your vocal tone, experience the power of resonance.  

Along with regular vocal technique I can offer any combination of the following:

Ear training, song interpretation, music theory for singers, jazz improvisation, performance skills, repertoire advice, developing an authentic, personal and original singing style.

Elizabeth Jose is a British trained vocal coach with nearly 30 years of teaching experience.  Along with her private practice she has taught singing at the Guildford Rock School, Blackheath Conservatoire of Music, Slough College, Richmond College, Northbrook Church of England School among others.

Gift Certificates

for Christmas, birthdays etc. give the gift of singing

From beginners of all styles to professional singers wanting to work on their long-term vocal health to people seeking the personal growth that targeted voice work can bring, a single session or a series of 3 can bring serious results.  That's quite a gift!

You can buy gift lessons using a credit card or with a paypal account using the buttons below, or send me an e-mail mailto:elizjose@gmail.com if you prefer to use a personal check or money order.  I can send the certificate in a gift card to you by mail or you can print out a confirmation e-mail if time is of the essence.

I can also give lessons to anyone in the world with a facetime, Facebook messenger or Whatsapp account and a decent internet connection.