I have been commissioned to paint all kinds of things!  My most common requests are for paintings of people's Airstream trailers in their favorite spots or for portraits of themselves or family members, from life or from photos, sometimes deceased relatives.  I've also been asked to paint pets, vintage vehicles, steam trains and favorite views.

I've had some wonderful interactions with my collectors, designing together these special projects, suggesting ideas, coming up with compositions and solutions and then to hear about their pleasure in getting to hang their piece in pride of place.  It's very satisfying.

Please do contact me if you have a project in mind.

Commission a portrait

Your portrait commission starts with a full consultation to help me understand what you have in mind and to agree on the parameters of the finished piece.

Portraits are painted over 2 to 3 sittings of about 2 -3 hours each and I work in between times using photographs that I take on the first sitting.  I can also work entirely from photographs for a surprise gift or a deceased friend or relative.

I can also paint your classic vehicle or airstream trailer in a setting of your choice.


Studio prices for commissioned portraits

for one person      16 x 12"   $3,000
                            20 x 16"   $4,000
                            30 x 24"   $5,000
Each additional person in the portrait is $1,500. 

I can also work entirely from photographs.  

for one person      16 x 12"  $2,500
                            20 x 16"  $3,500
                            30 x 24"  $4,500
Each additional person in the portrait is $1,000



The small print.

By commissioning me to paint your commission, you are agreeing that you are choosing my style and artistic aesthetic and will trust me to make the majority of the creative decisions about the piece.  That the finished artwork would sit congruously amongst my full body of work.  That once I have started painting, there is no more consultation or adjustments to the agreed upon brief and I decide when it is finished.  Thank you.

Here are some past commissioned paintings.  Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

I charge the same for an Airstream painting from your photographs as I do my gallery paintings.  The price includes a frame unless you choose a self framing gallery wrap canvas style where the image continues around the sides.

8 x 10"   $1,200              12 x 12"   $1,450

11 x 14"   $1540             20 x 20"   $2,200

12 x 16"   $1650             24 x 24"   $3,200

16 x 20"   $2,000             30 x 30"   $5,000

18 x 24"   $2,200              36 x 36"   $6,000

24 x 30"   $4,000              10 x 20"   $1,700

30 x 40"   $5,500               12 x 24"   $2,000

36 x 48"   $7,000                15 x 30"   $2,500

36 x 60"   $8,600

My smallest size is 8 x 10".  Other sizes are available.