grand tour

"It's just like taking a trip" said a collector after getting a sneak preview of the series.

 These paintings are all sold beautifully framed in gold leaf or burnished dark wood and are ready to hang on your wall.

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Painting of a medieval French village with vineyards in the foreground

“Evening Light. St. Pons de Mauchiens.”

I stayed with my mother at her house in the Vallee d’Herault in the south of France. My sister and I took this walk a few times in the early morning, approaching St. Pons through vineyards on back roads. I brought my camera each time but it was always overcast. On my last evening there, the light was finally perfect and my sister and I took a drive out to this spot, leaving dinner between the main course and dessert to catch it.



“Medieval Arch.  Carcassonne, France.”

The French flag was the perfect finishing touch to this little scene with the sun beating down on the massive stone walls of Carcassonne.

Oil painting of stone architecture arch with a French flag


a painting of a waiter moving quickly as he works

“Waiter.  Toulouse, France.”

Being a waiter is a serious job in France.  The pay is good and it is respected as a real career.  This guy was super efficient as he zipped between the tables.



“Café Society.  Toulouse, France”

I saw a lot of mopeds zipping around the Medieval streets of Toulouse.  This one was parked right on the main square by the mairie (town hall) where there are lots of hotels with parasol shaded tables outside.  It is a great spot for people watching.

a painting of a moped parked on a French city square with cafe umbrellas behind


a painting of an old french road lined by poplar trees.

“Avenue. The Road to Pezenas, France.”

I have always loved the tree-lined roads in the South of France since I was a little girl.  They provide shade on the blisteringly hot summer days and look mysterious when you drive through them in the dark.


“Grandma’s Day at the Beach.  San Sebastian, Spain.”

I loved the contrast of the sophisticated city of San Sebastian and the beautiful sandy beach, business suits and bikinis passing each other on the streets.  All ages and locals and tourists were enjoying the sunshine.

An older woman in her brightly colored swim suit at the beach


two young people visit a historic site in France

“The Unlikely Tourists.  Carcassonne, France.”

I loved the unlikely combination of these young people with their tattoos and piercings and the Medieval architecture of the walled city of Carcassonne in the south of France.


“City Walk.  Toulouse, France.”

Coming out of the dark of the Eglise des Jacobins, the arched doorway onto the street was almost blindingly bright.  I liked the way it framed the pedestrians walking past and was echoed in the shape of the windows across the street.

A bright street scene through an archway with walking figures


2 little girls in matching swimsuits play at the beach

“Sisters at the Seaside.  San Sebastian, Spain”

I enjoyed watching these two little girls playing by the sea.  It reminded me of my sister and I on our family vacations when we were children.


“City Parking.  Toulouse, France.”

Bicycles are a very popular mode of transport in Toulouse which is fairly flat.  There is a public bicycle share system where you can hire a bike by the hour and the first 20 minutes is free.  I loved the basket on this one.

An old fashioned bicycle with a straw basket parked on a french street


“Fete des Vins.  Pezenas, France”

My sister and I went out to dinner in Pezenas on a Saturday night not knowing that there was a big wine festival happening.  The main square had many local wine makers set up and tastings.  After our dinner my sister and I danced to live music on the square until late and had a great time.  These two sisters also enjoyed dancing that night.

a girl in a


Flamenco guitarist and singer perform at a bar in Madrid

“Flamenco.  Madrid, Spain.”

I found a live music venue in the center of Madrid near my hotel.  I enjoyed this band’s beautiful fusion of jazz and flamenco (two of my favorite styles of music) so enthralling that I went back the following evening to catch the show a second time.


“Pedicure, then Beach.  San Sebastian, Spain.”

I spent a lovely time people watching at the beach in San Sebastian.  I particularly liked this young woman admiring her pedicure.

a woman sunbathes on the beach and wriggles her toes


“The Boy and the Ocean. Sete Plage, France”

The boy looked so heroic as he carried his inflatable dinghy to the water. His little brother gazed at him admiringly.

boy with yellow plastic dinghy contemplates the ocean from the beach